MSIX packages with signing certificates

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Hello MSIX Team,


Recently gone through MSXI video and Lab session. Thank you for the wonderful material. I am working for a packaging firm and one of our customers requested the MSIX packaging approach. 

As per my understanding signing certificates will be provided by the customer. Could you please help us in understanding all possible approaches while signing the MSIX packages? Does Microsoft provide any solution for certificate If Yes what are the benefits of using these services? 

Along with the above queries how the PKI infrastructure to help customers while implementing MSIX.

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hi @shreedharghare12 


I'm glad you were able to take advantage of some of the resources we offer.


Here are some additional resources on the importance of code signing, and the options that we offer:

Importance of code signing

Options for signing an MSIX Package (via MSIX Packaging Tool)

You can also use the SignTool to sign your MSIX packages independent of the MSIX Packaging Tool.

If you have a bulk amount of MSIX packages that you need to sign or resign, I recommend taking advantage of our script available in our MSIX Toolkit which allows you to resign your packages in bulk. 





Hello Sharla,


Thank you very much for your response. I will go through the provided information and get back to you if in case required.