Finding To Do slow recently

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Has anyone else found To Do has become quite slow lately?

I've used it most days in the past but stopped over the last couple of months due to my work changing. I'm back to it now and find that it's taking 30+ seconds to bring my tasks up, 10+ seconds to respond when I complete them, and sometimes completed ones return to the list. It makes it pretty unusable, or at least very frustrating. 


I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

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@HarrietL I've also found Microsoft To Do very slow in the past few days.  I'm accessing it with a browser and on a Mac and a PC I'm getting page unresponsive errors. 

Hello, from my point of view,, it works good... But you can also use todo for web and install it as a pwa !
This has been an ongoing persistent issue for me
This is an ongoing issue for me too (Windows 10 with the latest updates and Microsoft 365 apps installed on a powerful professional computer). It's frustrating when the app is so slow to process and add the items when I want to enter multiple sub-items in a list. The app is processing the input a lot slower than I enter new words and sup-items, it's really annoying.