Can I send an email into To Do and have it become a task

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Sometimes sending or forwarding an email is a good intake method, not sure if that is possible?

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Enable the "Flagged emails" smart list from To Do will create tasks out emails. No forwarding necessary :)
I do that, this is a different case where when I want to capture something quick on the fly. I added a Shortcut on my iPhone screen, I think that will do it.

@Rob O'Keefe 

I understand you have found a solution, but I like the direction you are going and wanted to respond to others who may read this post later on.


Alternative methods to create quick reminders or tasks

  • Use the Add a Note feature which sends a note to OneNote
  • Pin/unpin an email to the top so you can "tend" to it when you can
  • Flag/unflag an email that sends an item to the ToDo list
  • Use the Quick action icons and Customize Action icons
    • Many users forget to add the icons they use the most
  • Lastly, the inspiration for this post. Microsoft recently added Send to OneNote or Share to Teams. It is a good idea to include Send a Task one-click action. Adding this feature will be helpful to Android/iPhone users. 




Great information!

The other scenario not covered yet is if I have a Gmail that I want in To Do, I would like to forward it to an inbound email box that adds to my To Do.

I think the iPad Outlook app has a command to create a To Do Task, I have to check if that is only for O365 emails or Gmails too.

For stray thought tasks, Siri is another option but I don't use Siri.

@Rob O'Keefe 

Another good idea.  I encourage you to give this feedback directly to Microsoft.  I know that they review end-user suggestions.


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I appreciate your optimism! That does not match my experience... there are so many User Voice suggestions that have been ignored. They rarely post here. If a Product Manager was here reading these, i might believe it!