Can I send an email into To Do and have it become a task

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Sometimes sending or forwarding an email is a good intake method, not sure if that is possible?

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Enable the "Flagged emails" smart list from To Do will create tasks out emails. No forwarding necessary :)
I do that, this is a different case where when I want to capture something quick on the fly. I added a Shortcut on my iPhone screen, I think that will do it.

@Rob O'Keefe 

I understand you have found a solution, but I like the direction you are going and wanted to respond to others who may read this post later on.


Alternative methods to create quick reminders or tasks

  • Use the Add a Note feature which sends a note to OneNote
  • Pin/unpin an email to the top so you can "tend" to it when you can
  • Flag/unflag an email that sends an item to the ToDo list
  • Use the Quick action icons and Customize Action icons
    • Many users forget to add the icons they use the most
  • Lastly, the inspiration for this post. Microsoft recently added Send to OneNote or Share to Teams. It is a good idea to include Send a Task one-click action. Adding this feature will be helpful to Android/iPhone users. 




Great information!

The other scenario not covered yet is if I have a Gmail that I want in To Do, I would like to forward it to an inbound email box that adds to my To Do.

I think the iPad Outlook app has a command to create a To Do Task, I have to check if that is only for O365 emails or Gmails too.

For stray thought tasks, Siri is another option but I don't use Siri.

@Rob O'Keefe 

Another good idea.  I encourage you to give this feedback directly to Microsoft.  I know that they review end-user suggestions.


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I appreciate your optimism! That does not match my experience... there are so many User Voice suggestions that have been ignored. They rarely post here. If a Product Manager was here reading these, i might believe it!

@Rob O'Keefe 

And to go even further, is there a way to directly answer the email from Microsoft To Do?

After having my email sent to the tasks (not flagged), I can access the text from the To Do, but to answer the email I have to go back to Outlook and search for the email. It would be really convenient to directly have a function answer/answer all from To Do.

@Raph12- I believe if you go into To Do, select the task that you want to reply, the detail view will show on the right hand side for your task.  One of the options is to "Open in Outlook", which will go right to the email that you flagged (pop open in new window).  Hope that helps.  

I know I'm coming to this late, but I get frustrated every time I use To-Do

To-Do was created when Microsoft bought the app Wunderlist and forced it to shut down. Wunderlist was amazing and had the ability to do much of what you're describing. (

Microsoft assured Wunderlist users that To-Do would retain all of Wunderlist's feature - but instead they've just made it worse.