Unable to start Teams live event

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I successfully schedule a live event but when its time for it to start, the start button is grayed out.


Anyone know how I can fix this. Its quite urgent.

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@Chiamaka  - just to be a 100% sure - you are using the desktop app? and listed as producer? 


I have been able to resolve this. 

The reason for this is Microsoft Teams uses Microsoft Stream for Live events and you need to allow the users in Microsoft stream to create live events.


To do this navigate to Stream Admin portal,

From the Stream admin portal, click on “Live events”.

From the Live events menu, in the “search people and groups” select the user you want to allow to create live event. Then click on Save at the bottom of the page.


Now that you have assign the user with access in Microsoft Stream to broadcast a live event, let’s go back to the Teams client and complete the liven event meeting creation.


Thank you for the solution, which seems to be right.
Nevertheless I followed all the steps and activated Stream for specific users, but still cannot start an event.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

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Below is the screenshot. how to start the live session.

once you join as a "Producer" click "share" on the bottom right.




then click the window you want to share it as per below 




In my case, I Select "Word File". once you select the file you will see the below screen.




 Click on the "Content" to Enable "Send live" button.




then click "Send Live" to enable "Start" Button. 



I hope this will resolve the issue.


Good Luck...





Worked like a charm, thanks a lot!
Thanks. Very helpful.