why some participants automatically kicked out from meeting chats right after calls?

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I do not understand why some external participants stay in meeting chats and continue but others are kicked out right after call, they do not click "Leave", it's done automatically. Any ideas?

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Is the organizer "Ending" the meeting? That will boot people out of the chat. Not sure how it handles external users but probably is what's causing the inconsistencies.
nope, in any case "Ending" the meeting by organizer affects all participants



Hi - I'd like to follow up with this thread.  We just ended a Teams meeting and approximately 11 out of our 30ish attendees no longer have access to the chat.  Chats usually stay on after the meeting.  I've never seen this happen before.  We did use breakout rooms - would that have anything to do with it?  But why would "some" be kicked out and others still able to keep the chat going?

See screen shot - not sharing names for confidentiality of course.




I've just been asked the same question. In a 150+ meeting where the organiser hadn't set any restrictions on chat. When they ended the meeting it came up with person x and x others no longer have access to the chat. The message was repeated several times with a person's name appearing first and then a number of other users affected. Is this a new thing? What's the criteria for it appearing?


edit: my mistake - article New Access Rules for Teams Meeting Chat Membership - Office 365 for IT Pros (office365itpros.com)