Unable to add a tab to a meeting

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Hi all


I have a strange one that I hope someone may have seen before, or know how to resolve. 


When we create Teams meetings, we can normally go into the appointment in the calendar in teams and click the + button to add apps to the meeting (usually Forms to enable polling). 


This usually works absolutely fine, we don't need to be the organiser of the meeting or anything like that.  BUT... sometimes the + icon is not there at all for us to be able to add any apps (see screenshot below).  Does anyone know why this may be happening?  Thanks in advance






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@Neil_Patterson Hello, most likely the Team settings involved here (member permissions). You can only access these if you are an owner.




Thanks - I'll go back to my IT team as they're telling me they haven't changed anything :)

@Neil_Patterson Hello Neil, I'm going through some previous replies and just now realized that I gave you the wrong answer. As you're trying to add tabs to the meeting, but it doesn't work sometimes, it rather depends on if it's a normal meeting vs a channel meeting. Apps are not available in channel meetings, not yet at least.


So my apologies for the above post with the screenshot as it's not related to what you actually asked. Those are the specific team settings available (including apps and tabs though) but has nothing to do with meetings.

@Neil_Patterson. Hello Neil, I have the same problem in my tenant (but in my case I was never able to add a tab), even for non-channel meetings. Were you able to solve the problem ?
I also have this problem. I have reinstalled my Teams and reinstall the Teams from Microsoft website in case I missed an update. It's still happen. Anyone has the solution yet?
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So you can't add a tab when setting up a non-channel meeting? (not supported in channel meetings). You need to send the invite, leave the scheduling dialog box and then re-enter the meeting to click the + sign (= add a tab).
Thanks! I see that now. Thanks for confirming it doesn't work in a channel meeting.
Thanks a lot!
My mistake was scheduling a meeting without participants. In this case, the + sign does not appear.

I've had the same issue also. It turns out the feature is not available for channel meetings and I was creating my meetings inside the relevant channel. This is quite a serious restriction... I voted on the uservoice to have Tabs in channel meetings enabled. Can I ask you guys to vote too? Thanks


Voted. Thanks for voting this.


Trying to click the link to "Allow Live Polls in Channel Meetings" uservoice suggestion, but it appears to be deleted? Can't find this suggestion anywhere in UserVoice, although I am positive I saw this a month or so ago, as it's a very popular request! Where is this on Microsoft's radar? Any idea if it will ever be implemented? @ChristianJBergstrom 

We notice that we cannot add Ms Forms using the "+" tab on Channel Meetings within a Teams Class. This essentially renders different polling software useless for education institutes that use Ms Teams Classes.

@EdT Hello, you can actually workaround it by scheduling the channel meeting and then go to the channel conversation and select 'Reply'. Then add the Forms app from the bar. As you're answering in the associated channel meeting conversation it will pop up in the channel meeting chat when starting that.




The Feedback portal is the UV replacement, did a quick search for polls in case you want to take a look

Thanks @ChristianJBergstrom. Yes, this is the current workaround we are using, but it's not as seamless as navigating to the tab at the top of a Teams meeting and either creating a poll directly from within the meeting, or accessing polls that have been created in advance. Using apps in this seamless way can only be done via meetings scheduled from the calendar (not associated with a Teams class/channel).

Do you know if the functionality (creating polls directly within the meeting) will ever be available for Teams Class Channel Meetings? Or will we always need to use this workaround?

As for other polling apps (Slido, PollEverywhere, Mentimeter), they can only be added as apps within a non-Teams channel meeting as well... It would be SO useful to be able to add these apps to Ms Teams Channel Meetings.
Can't say really. But know they are aware of it and that's one reason this is happening right now

Surely the option will appear some day considering the progress in Teams. I just upvoted in the new Feedback portal.

@Neil_Patterson Please correct or create a fix for this issue - have the tab or being able to intermittently use this function is challenging in business.