Missing File Sub Menu in Teams Client

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Need help with File submenu in Teams App.  After opening a file the menu disappears and only reappears when re entering a channel:


Menu Showing Below



After going into 'Individual Folder' then opening the word doc, once I close the word doc the menu is gone, so I can't navigate the folders to get back out.



I've checked for updates both for the Teams client and Windows and all say its up to date.  I haven't done the old 'uninstall/reinstall' yet, but feel that might be my last option. 


Any assistance would be appreciated!



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Sometimes it's necessary to do this https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/troubleshoot/teams-administration/clear-teams-cache

For the "browsing" part, try using the top left option looking like this < > it's a great way to quickly navigate back and forth.