Teams - settings to make a new chat pop up to the foreground in Windows 10

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Hoping someone can help with this. We just started moving to Microsoft Office software, and I'm trying to figure out how to make the Teams chat window pop up to the foreground in Windows 10 when a new chat comes in. All of our previous chat software has had this capability, but I'm stumped trying to locate it in Teams so far. 


Without the chat window popping to the foreground, I'm finding that chats are being missed constantly, and I need to be able to quickly see a new chat message, so I can assist members of my team as fast as possible. The banner and feed notifications alone are not going to work for our group.

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You can toggle the pop put chat behavior under Settings > General > Open new chat in > New window.
Appreciate the response. I changed this setting, but it doesn't seem to have changed the behavior of the Team's chat window; with teams minimized or in the background, a new chat does not cause the window to pop up. Would this only apply to new chats that we're not previously open in teams? Usually we have many existing chats running throughout the day, and I'm missing the latest message because Teams stays minimized