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Hello :)


The department I work for has a weekly news-feed to inform all teams about what other teams are doing. This has, among other benefits, allowed some internal cooperation on topics we didn't expect were common across regions and fields. The problem is that this news feed is effectively a weekly e-mail that each team sends to the other teams, which fills in-boxes and make it difficult to sort info and is just inconvenient reading.


I'm looking to implement this news feed in a single Teams where each team could fill in their weekly updates and people who are interested can get notifications when new articles come out. It should be easy for contributors to fill info and for readers to navigate, with the latest news front and center.

Technically, the news feed is basically a block of text with sometimes pictures and attached files, one per week and per team. What do you guys think is the best way to implement this news feed in M. Teams ? Would a simple wiki do the job ? Maybe just a long thread ? Is there an App that I didn't see that could do the job well ? Or should I not do this in Teams at all, but rather Yammer or something ? Should I just setup a news printer and go back to paper :xd: ?

Thanks for your feedback !



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Hi @OlivierK_01072000   Is this news feed accessible company wide, or only for certain Teams?  If it's company-wide, you might do well to use Yammer, IMO.


Of course, printer and paper certainly would be novel....let's hope you don't have to correct a typo after it goes out!

Hello @ThereseSolimeno, thanks for your reply.

The news feed is indeed only visible to people inside my department's Team, as it can mention commercially sensitive information that's pertinent to others in the same field.

While fixing a typo on a newspaper might be difficult, I do like the idea of walking around with a brown fedora with a "Press" card on it...

Implementing a news feed in Microsoft Teams to streamline your department's communication and collaboration sounds like a great idea. Teams offers several options for this, and the choice depends on your specific requirements and preferences. Here are some considerations and recommendations:

Channels in Microsoft Teams:

Standard Channel Conversations: You can use standard channel conversations to create a thread where each team posts their weekly updates. This can be effective, especially if you use proper formatting, tagging, and attachments. However, it can become lengthy over time, and finding older posts may be challenging.
Wiki Tab: You can create a Wiki tab within a channel to store and organize weekly updates. Each team can have its own section, making it easy to navigate. However, formatting options are somewhat limited compared to other options.
SharePoint News Connector:

Consider using SharePoint News connected to your Teams channel. SharePoint News allows for more structured news articles, including images, files, and formatting. You can publish news articles and get notifications within Teams when new articles are published. This method provides a more organized and visually appealing way to present updates.