Ownership of Channel meetings

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When I create a channel meeting, or a calendar meeting with a channel attached, the organizer gets set to the "team" name.   [Additional details; The equivalent Outlook item is where the organizer appears as the team name, in the teams calendar it appears I am the organizer of the meeting... it's contradicting itself.  Further the invite in Outlook and any cancelation comes from the team name, rather than me.]


Is there a way to create a meeting with a channel relationship and retain me as the organizer, in the Outlook item?

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Hi @DeWaynePratt   I just did a test of this scenario and I see that when the details of the meeting are open from the channel announcement or the Teams calendar, the box on the right displays my name as the organizer but in Outlook it doesn't show the organizer name in the details (only as "accepted by" at the top).  I am not able to find a way to change that view in Outlook....anyone else have suggestions?

Hi, don’t think so. Channels are a bit special in that they don’t have a mailbox/calendar per say, it’s just a location. The team is the organizer when scheduling in channels.

Found this btw, great article from Tony Redmond which explains it further
You are correct Therese--the organizer of the Teams channel meeting is still listed in the Meeting details even though the meeting belows in the Team channel. Now we have an issue on a recurring channel meeting and the organizer is no longer at our company. We can't modify the meeting details.

@DeWaynePratt also useful to know that nobody else (even other Team/Channel owners or co-presenters) can change that meeting.  Only you can.


This seems odd to me.  The "channel" or "team" should me the meeting organiser and permissions to change the meeting should be inherited based on membership or ownership of the channel. 

Hello - Did you ever figure out a way to do this?