Our user can not access anything in teams

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Please i need your help on this issue. 


A guest user is experiencing issues accessing files in Teams. When they try to log in, they are prompted to use a password instead of the authentication number they were previously using.


When I go to see the user's guest account it is now showing two (2) emails, so when I try to delete those accounts and have them sign in all over again it will not allow me to.


The guest user now shows two emails for the account and I would like to remove them both to start over again.

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Hello, I have 365Family installed for a network of 5 computers. And as you know, it is necessary to start the Office programs on each computer with the email account that is linked to 365. QUESTION: Please, is there a way that Office programs do not share the files generated in the Drive account. And how to do it if possible?