Accessing a customer tenant via GDAP gives non stop errors under "Operator Connect"

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Hi everyone, not sure the best place to post this so I'll try here.  We are a new Microsoft Partner and are now onboarding customers to Teams Phone.  In the past, customer's would just create a user account for us and grant us the roles like Teams Administrator and we never had any issue.  We want to use GDAP now but I'm having a weird issue with all tenants, including live customers and test instances.


The issue I'm having is that everything seems to work; I can request the admin access, assign a security group to it which creates the Entra ID roles and everything works, EXCEPT anything relating to "Operator Connect".


When I first access a customer tenant, the top of the page has this error which I've never seen before and doesn't seem to make sense: "We can't get a list of current downloads. Try again. If you continue to have problems, contact Microsoft customer support."


When I navigate to Operator Connect, I can browse all the operators, but clicking any, or even clicking any that have already been added says "We can't load the details for this operator. If you continue to have problems, contact the Microsoft customer support."




I'm a a loss and have no idea why it does this.  I have tried:


- Every browser I can think of, including incognito and 2 different computers both PC and Mac

- Assigning Global Administrator as the GDAP role to rule out something there

- Using GDAP to log in and then create a new user with just "Teams Administrator" role directly on the customer tenant and logging in as that, which DOES work with just that role

- Made a new security group to assign to the admin relationship as a test 


I don't really understand what the issue is.  The only odd thing that I did notice is if I go into the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, and go to "Show all admin centers" it only ever shows Exchange, and Endpoint Manager, there's never Teams there for some reason, so I can't access Teams Admin from the Microsoft admin center, only by navigating directly to it or via the Customers page in the partner center.


Would love any feedback as I have no idea what the issue is and am at a loss!  Thank you!

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@psychobunny83 You're not alone with this issue. We're facing this as well and didn't find a solution yet. Did you already had contact with a support engineer?

@Florian_Adler I did but was unable to get assistance as it was a lot of back and forth with basic things like "thanks for the feedback".  That was forever ago though but I haven't opened another one.  I ended up giving up and just using Microsoft Authenticator for all users and got rid of all the USB keys.  It's definitely a huge pain!