Not able to add a OneNote NoteBook to Teams

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I have received a OneNote NoteBook URL of this shape:




and I want to add it to a Teams group chat. However I get the below error:



Only notebooks stored on SharePoint or OneDrive for Business are supported in Teams


I would appreciate if you could help me know what is the problem and how I can resolve it.


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@fsfarimani Is the Notebook stored in SharePoint or OneDrive or on a local drive?

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Hi @fsfarimani

I have tested this this morning and can add a OneNote Tab in a group chat without issue

As said in the error, the notebook needs to be located/stored in SharePoint or OneDrive for Business for it to work. If it is in SharePoint or OneDrive already select back to Browse Notebooks and it ought to be there, there should be no need to use links

A way around this could be

1.) In a Team or the group chat itself add a new OneNote Tab and create a new workbook
2.) Copy the data over from one notebook to the other
3.) If you created it in a Team, add it to the group chat as a Tab

Or move the OneNote file, if it is stored on your local machine into your OneDrive and then add it to the Group Chat via a Tab

Hope that answers your question. Let me know how you get on

Best, Chris