MS Teams meeting volume resets to system level whenever I switch to speakers

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Running Windows 10 (Updated)

And Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 4/10/2022.


My system volume sits at 50%. This works for everything except Teams, which is far too loud when I switch the meeting to my speakers.

  1. If I adjust the volume in Teams, it adjusts the system volume and the Teams volume. 
  2. If I open the windows Volume Mixer I can adjust the Teams volume independently to 25% of the system volume, making everything perfect!
  3. However, when I switch to headphones and then back to speakers, the Teams volume resets to the level of the system volume. 

Why does Windows have a separate volume control for Teams when Teams is just going to reset it whenever I switch to speakers? 


After correcting Teams volume


After switching to headphones and back to speaker



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