Teams Meeting Guest ScreenSharing Control Browser Vs Teams Client

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1. When a guest or external user joins a teams meeting using browser , there is no prompt to sign in as no prompt for user and password

2. However when the same user uses a Teams Client, user is prompted for a work, school or Microsoft Account for example when using outlook / gmail accounts etc..

3. Also at the same Screensharing Control option only works when the guest user is using the Teams CLient and it does not work when browser is used ?

4. Can anyone point to Microsoft documentation for this behavior




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So it is now clear

    1. Browsers don’t support screen sharing control
    2. To be able to Share Control Applicable only to Enterprise User who is giving control must have the policy set that way
    3. Controlling application launched using RunAs Administrator -  behavior can be controlled by changing the UAC Policies
    4. Sign in Teams using Personal Account probably give a free for a limited time period account (Microsoft Teams Free
    5. Audit log screen sharing control was done during the meeting shows like working on it Teams Admin Portal is not responding at this point

@Himanshu Singh 

I just made the suggestion. Please go vote it up (and tell others to do the same).
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