MS Teams Meeting - Dropping

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We continually experience drops in MS Teams calls:


The remote attendees can hear each other, though.

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Hi @RPollina, I just came across this issue, too.

Users experience this only within the Teams Client on Windows, it is not occurring if the users join a Teams online meeting by using the browser.
Did you try to join a meeting via browser?


I opened the task manager during an online meeting however the utilization of CPU/network/RAM/... was very low, so I guess it's not a client hardware topic. Altough I cannot exclude this for 100 % right now. Maybe wrong or "outdated" system device drivers could cause this issue... e.g. wrong NIC drivers, wrong audio ... drivers...


I've checked network connectivity towards Microsoft SFBO/Teams by using the SFBO network assessment tool

Results were ok.

I also checked the firewall/proxy (SSL / packet interception ... were off).


As a next step I'll test to temporarily turn off the thirdparty antivirus scanner on a Windows PC to exclude the AV scanner as issue source.

Thanks @Erik365Online!


I will try the browser and respond to this thread.  This just started happening over the past few weeks; do you think it's a change to the Windows client?

Hi @RPollina , I'm not yet sure. I'm still investigating this issue.

I'll also try to set up a new clean Windows machine, not domain joined, update it with the latest updates for Windows as well as Office. Than I'll check if the issue remains if the user joins a meeting via this (test) Windows client.
As far as I figure out something new I'll also answer to this thread but I'm not sure when this will be.

@Erik365Online Look at the call record in Teams admin, whats you call quality like. Sounds like a network issue to me. Teams isn't looking for network quality, but network latency and accuracy.

Hi @Steven Collier, I'll analyze this. Reports say it's the attendees network connectivity. I'll further investigate there. 

Hi @RPollina, still on it, we're investigating towards firewall because the issue does not occure if I test this on a "unmanged" internet connection, i.e. if the user/s are located remote at home without VPN/DA... And the network monitoring/reporting did not show such bad network metrics towards O365...

@Erik365Online update... I have our IT department looking at our WAPs to see if they need updating / rebooting / better coverage.  I'll post when I know more.

@Erik Kleefeldt update...  Working with our IT folks... they had to make an adjustment to the firewall and now Teams has no issues.  I can check with IT and see what change(s) they made.

@RPollina Good to hear! Thanks for the update. Here it was also a firewall issue.

@RPollina or  @Erik365Online 

Any further information on what the firewall fix was?

Having the same issue with the windows app

Hi @HaydenMoulds, sorry, I don't have any further details on what the FW admins did to fix it. I only provided the Office 365 URLs and IPs list which need to be accessible by Microsoft Teams clients. I'd guess that they had not set up these URLs/IPs correctly or had some packet inspection or interception configured. Best Regards Erik 

@RPollina can you give this pic in full screen?

Hi @anushka765 Sorry, that's the only picture I have at this time.  We haven't had an issue in quite sa while.

There seems to be an ongoing issue with Teams cutting off during meetings. This can be pretty embarrassing. Ever since the COVID-19 lockdown, I have had to tutor remotely using Teams. My camera also constantly dies and will not switch back on again. The audio drops and network error messages keep popping up. Microsoft, as usual specialise in avoiding customers. They have launched this Skype Business Network Assessment Tool, but as typical of Microsoft, it's just another useless fob off to keep customers off their back. I don't see a great future for Microsoft Teams since it is beset with bugs and communication problems, so I am thinking of moving to Zoom instead. 

@RPollina @Erik365Online I wonder if you remember the setting/the config change that fixed your issue. I'm experiencing exactly the same on my Mac now. Works in a Broser, Network drops ("Hold on...") occasionally in the App. Since other users complain about audio drops in calls, I assume that the root cause is the same and could be fixed with the same change as your IT folks did. Looking forward to your insights. Take care and stay healthy.

@Dirk Muenstermann  We only ensured that all clients can connect to all Office 365 URLs and IP addresses, especially the ones for Microsoft Teams. Plus, we checked that the network requirements are satisfied. Routers, Firewalls, Proxies, VPN/Direct Access must not block or interfer with the traffic.



The QOS - disable Video should be fine!


QOS drop the Ms Teams or LOL (Miss Team!) 





I am seeing periodic dropping of teams seems that Microsoft could do a better job of offerring connectivity.  It is not my fault that I do not run the Teams in a browser instead of a meeting invite from Outlook.  



I have restarted teams several times and guess what now it does not fail.



@ddelaney2011 I wish restarting would help me. I've been experiencing a large number of dropped calls the past month. My internet is wired broadband. Testing shows the speed is strong and consistent. I've tried all these and none has resolved the issue:

* Reboot PC and modem only

* Log out of teams, uninstall, upgrade/update system, reboot, reinstall

* Restart modem, included manual unplug 

* Turn off outgoing and incoming cameras (this helps but isn't a guaranteed fix)

* Avoid being the one to hit record (this is a hard one)

Even after all this, I've had calls drop over and over. I may need to start joining audio using my land-line phone. Will have to learn how! 

I've noticed other employees are having this issue.