Teams Meeting Notes disappeared

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3 weeks ago I held a series of trainings using the same Teams meeting. During the training we created a  Q&A in the Meeting Notes. Last week, the Meeting Notes tab of the meeting disappeared but I could still find them using the meeting details. Today the Meeting Notes have disappeared from the meeting details and are nowhere to be found.


What happened and how can I retrieve my Q&A?


My meeting was less than 20 people. I am the owner of the meeting. We're using the new Teams experience.


It also looks like the Meeting Notes have disappeared from the tabs and meeting details of all my meetings including the one that I held this morning.


What is going on?? How can we now access our Meeting Notes?

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Hello @Marielle13003 


Were the meetings team channel meetings or were they standard Teams meetings?


Meeting notes save in a .mht format, you could do a search across 365 to see if it brings anything back.

@Marielle13003 We´re facing the same issue and it appears that Microsoft enforced the Teams Meeting Policy setting "Allow shared notes" which apparently had no effect before.

Is this set to "Off" on the meeting policy that´s applied for your user?

OMG thank you so much! I created notes in meeting and after the meeting ended the feature was removed from the tool bar. Even when I pressed the link for the notes in the chat, nothing happened. I typed ".mht" into the search bar and BAM! HTML of my meeting notes!! Thank you, thank you!!