Unable to access Secure Files in Teams page

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Our school uses Teams.

There's a team for one of the faculties and they have a Secure Files tab on there, new members are not able to access this Secure Files tab, the error is as in the attached screenshot.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? I looked in M 365 Admin, there is only the option of adding new members and owners, nothing else you can do there.

The secure Files tab seems to be or supposed to be a sharepoint site because when I click the tab, it copies this:

Ok, now it's different, well it used to copy a sharepoint site link..
Any advise would be much appreciated.
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Hi, most likely you/other admin has forgotten to add permissions to that specific site. Meaning, it's not part of the Team you're in which has its own SharePoint site/library. You need to look in SharePoint admin for that additional site (which has been added as a tab in your team) and give those folks permissions to it there.

@ChristianJBergstrom Ok thanks, will look into it.

I did look at SharePoint admin, added those 2 new users as members of the sharepoint site however, when I go to that tab in Team i still get a "you have no access to these files" message.. not sure what's wrong here now..
What if you go directly to SharePoint not via Teams tab? Same behavior if using Teams on the web? Try signing out manually from top right corner in Teams too. Is there anything special with that site/added tab? (sensitivity labels for ex).
Well, I went to the Sharepoint site for that Group/Team directly but can't find the Secure files folder on there.
I assume it has files relevant to the department. One of the Group owners told me that one of the teachers can't view that tab. I assumed the others are able to.
Added my username as a member to the group, I couldn't view that tab either. So I recreated the issue and all settings I adjusted for my username I also adjust for the affected teacher.
Tried Teams for Desktop, Teams on the web, same issue.
I can access the sharepoint site just fine, I just can't access that tab.
And I can't find that tab with the same or similar label in sharepoint.
I have yet to view what the tab looks like on a non-affected user. Will probably be in the new year as most of them have gone for holidays now.
Sounds to me you need to re-create the tab with a new SharePoint link pointing to the files section of that site. Current link/tab obviously points to nothing…