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Hi There,
I have just set up a Sharepoint site for our company. We also have our Teams files in their default folders in the root directory of this same Sharepoint.

After setting up the folder structure for our company files, I want to put the Microsoft Teams folders which were automatically created for each channel into a subfolder rather than having them in the root directory. I tried moving them but another folder was newly created in the root directory.

Is this possible?

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Hi FLjosh, 


No, unfortunately it's not possible because - as you witnessed - folders with the channel names will just recreate in SharePoint after about a minute. Unfortunately, you won't be able to get around that since its the way Teams is designed. Folders created from Channels will always be root level folders


If it's something you want to see in the future, you could always submit a feedback here


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In terms of a workaround: there aren't a lot of great options. You can opt to delete the channels, surface the folder structure in the General channel (via adding SharePoint Cloud Storage) and then lock down permissions on the SharePoint site to prevent users adding them anywhere other than the folder structure - but that would be fiddly. Another is to simply forgo SharePoint and use Azure File storage and mount it which is very much like an old file server: but then you miss out on all the great stuff in SharePoint like retention, DLP, etc. If these are supposed to be a central repository for company files I would probably create an org wide team so everyone has access, create the folder structure in the general channel under files, and then use permissions on the SharePoint Site to manage access. 


Hope that answers your question


Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the message. Though the workarounds definitely aren't too ideal. Is there a better way to use a Sharepoint for common file storage across a company with Teams on the side?

Currently thinking about creating a separate Sharepoint site just for Teams convos to keep it out of the way.



You can create either a separate site and add it as a tab in your teams channels or even think on adding additional document libraries to the Teams Site. It really depends on how do you want to grant access to the information stored: through the Microsoft 365 Group or you want more flexibility there
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As @Juan Carlos González Martín  says you could use a dedicated SharePoint site and apply it as a tab.


You could also



Hope that helps and answers your question


Best, Chris