can not move video files between channels in teams

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Good day all, I have an issue with moving video files from one channel in teams to another. The video file size is 258Mb. It acts like it uploads but takes forever and no response in the end. Please any experienced this issue before? Is there a limited file size for moving files on teams? I need an urgent response as It affects productivity in my organization. Thank you.

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Hi @shazzar007

I have heard of this a few times regarding large files like video. However this shouldn’t be the limit as that is an average size of a video, and video from things like Teams meetings will be stored in SharePoint and OneDrive moving forward. Are you using the move action in Teams?

A few ways to get around this

1.) Move them in SharePoint via Move to
2.) Sync the channels locally and move it locally which will sync video to the new channel

Hope that helps answer your question

Best, Chris

Hello @Christopher Hoard 


Yes, I am using the move action in Teams. I just want to know why the move option does not work as I am the admin of my organization and some staff wants to know why they have to go through all that process for a simple action. I have been trying to get a Document on file size limit for moving but i can not find anything on it. It is just strange.

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Sure, you would have thought it would be here

However, I would ask - once the move has been initiated in Teams, is the behavior simply that it executes but nothing happens? 258mb is about a 45 minute - 1 hour video and from uploading in ODSP this usually takes about 4 - 5 minutes. Have any users, once initiated, left it for about 10 - 15 minutes whilst the move takes place? The Move function was designed for smaller files but it can do large volume.

It would be great to get a confirm if the above methods work just to know you have a Plan B moving forward

Best, Chris