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I hope everyone is well as it’s been a while since I have messaged. I was wondering if anyone is an expert on this forum on MS Teams Bots? I’ve only recently begun discovering them and know how to use the Forms and Power Automate Bot but am not sure about the rest, nor what bots :robot_face: we can use on MS Teams. I even saw a bot for planner but don’t know who myself and group teams channels can use it. Does anyone have or know where I can find on Microsoft a list of all these bots as I’ve looked everywhere? Thanks 

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@Alexa2022 Hey, I'd say that if you're across some of the Power Platform already, you're already on your way. 


Were you looking to create your own chatbot? You can start by looking at the Power Virtual Agent platform. It's also a low-code platform like Power Automate. There are some handy tutorials here: Official Microsoft Power Virtual Agents documentation - Power Virtual Agents | Microsoft Learn


Co-pilot is also coming soon which adds another layer of AI and data to how you interact with your applications. It looks pretty phenomenal, and you can read up on it here: Introducing Microsoft 365 Copilot — your copilot for work

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Thanks - I’ll look into all that. Sounds interesting