Teams Channel not showing 'show for me' option

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In TEAMS, I have several channels that used to show up in my app that are no longer then. When trying to manage the channel, the channel still shows however there's no check box available for me to select. 


Any suggestions on how I can get these back into my Team/Channel list? 




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As an owner of the Team you can see all channel names, but you cannot check "show for me" those private channels you're not a member of. The General channel has no such box.

@ChristianJBergstrom Thanks, that would make sense however in this situation, I was the one that set up the channel. Any idea why I would no longer be listed in a channel that I initially set up? 

My best guess is that another user was made owner of that private channel and removed you from it (can be done if changed to member first).



I have this same problem. Teams even shows me as the owner of the channel. 


To Make it worse, I have a desktop and a new laptop.

On my desktop Teams app the channel is present. On my new Laptop the channel is not present. Its a subchannel of a Team. When I go to Manage Team and see the list of channels, its there and selecting Manage Channel confirms my name is an owner.


The only solution that I have found so far is for a different owner to remove and readd me.


The problem seems to be some kind of session sync issue between Sharepoint on the back end and the Teams front end.


This has happened to us multiple times 

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I just discovered from a different thread. If you force Logout of Teams, and then log back in, it seems to repair the missing channel permissions on the desktop app

@GMiddleton  Thanks. I was able to get another admin to add me back to each of the TEAMS I needed access to but it was a long, cumbersome process.  If this occurs again I'll try the suggested log out/in.


Thanks for sharing! 

@GMiddleton  I have also had this happen on occasion and have simply logged out and logged back in. 

I had the problem where the Show for me option wasn't available for a channel. I noticed that I had pinned the channel for quick reference and as a test, wondered if unpinning it would help. It did. Not the Show for me option is available for that channel. Goofy Teams.