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We are looking to have Microsoft teams search our CRM when a customer calls in. Ringcentral does this, is there a way to customize this in teams?

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Hi, did you got any response about this ? I'm working on something that needs something like this.

@javiertrujillolopez No I did not, there is no API available for it. 

Hi @Carlojf 

Since a few weeks, "Teams Wizard" allows to execute an command line or opening a URL on incoming phone calls (PSTN). It can be installed on the Windows client. Find all information here:


Any progress on this? We had this with our old phone system (Fonality) but lost it when we switched to Teams. We want to launch a URL (the URL is to our server as we have our own web application) with the phone number as a parameter so the receiving phone call participant has the customer's information displayed to them. Teams Wizard is only for Windows and not a first-party solution.

I've used this TeamsWizard plugin; it's a system tray app.
MSI package, can use your own CMD file and a folder of WAV files, to play different sounds based on the caller. Can also launch a URL given a call to a matching number is answered (intercom with a webcam?)...

great solution... I even packaged my own MST to automate things further.

@sjackson0109 we're looking for an org-wide solution that works on Windows and Mac. Seems like this should be a first-party option from MS.

I also have similar problem