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We are looking to have Microsoft teams search our CRM when a customer calls in. Ringcentral does this, is there a way to customize this in teams?

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Hi, did you got any response about this ? I'm working on something that needs something like this.

@javiertrujillolopez No I did not, there is no API available for it. 

Hi @Carlojf 

Since a few weeks, "Teams Wizard" allows to execute an command line or opening a URL on incoming phone calls (PSTN). It can be installed on the Windows client. Find all information here:


Any progress on this? We had this with our old phone system (Fonality) but lost it when we switched to Teams. We want to launch a URL (the URL is to our server as we have our own web application) with the phone number as a parameter so the receiving phone call participant has the customer's information displayed to them. Teams Wizard is only for Windows and not a first-party solution.

I've used this TeamsWizard plugin; it's a system tray app.
MSI package, can use your own CMD file and a folder of WAV files, to play different sounds based on the caller. Can also launch a URL given a call to a matching number is answered (intercom with a webcam?)...

great solution... I even packaged my own MST to automate things further.

@sjackson0109 we're looking for an org-wide solution that works on Windows and Mac. Seems like this should be a first-party option from MS.

I also have similar problem
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@Carlojf  @Agrimgrover @ReidTattersall this feature showed up in Teams Admin Center today, looks like its still in preview and I haven´t tested it yet but I think this is what you looking for.




Teams Admin Center --> Voice --> Calling Policies


Edit: I testet the feature and I doesn´t work. PS shows that it is actually not GA. 




There 3rd party applications like Luware Nimbus Assistant which can provide a similar features

Thanks @RobertW84 

I also tried setting this option. No love. Seems not to function yet. Could not find any Microsoft info on it.

GA November 2022!


Microsoft Teams: Browser screen pop for incoming PSTN calls

Admins can enable policy so that on acceptance of a PSTN call, an automatic browser launch can happen alongside Teams, displaying relevant information (CRM data, case data, etc.) to the user.

  • Feature ID: 98054
  • Added to roadmap: 10/3/2022
  • Last modified: 10/3/2022
  • Product(s): Microsoft Teams
  • Cloud instance(s): Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), GCC, GCC High, DoD
  • Platform(s): Desktop
  • Release phase(s): General Availability

Finally, it took a couple of years, but the functionality is there since last week.

Is this feature working for anyone? I tried it today and still not working. Is there anything else to do other than this setting in Global calling policy (yes, this policy is assigned to all users)
Click your profile picture then click Settings. Click the Phone tab. Make sure to enable Launch an external app or a URL for incoming calls
Rachel Gomez
Thank you, that worked.
This is working for me, but lacking one essential feature -> should be configurable to open the website while phone is ringing, so that you can answer the call and greet the caller personally.
Opening the website after the call is accepted is too late for that.

This does appear to be working, however there are two things that could be more beneficial for those of us supporting internal users.


1. As someone else mentioned, opening the page as the call is ringing rather than only after you answer.

2. Provide the same functionality on non-PSTN calls. This function, as-is, won't launch a web page when we have calls coming from inside the organization but those are the only people our Service Desk support.