Mail merge from within Teams

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Hi, one of my colleague has asked if you can mail merge from within Teams, if both documents are also located in Teams ( Excel doc with various data and Word doc( letter) )

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No, Teams is not an email client :) Use Outlook.



You can use use spreadsheets stored in Teams as your data source, and starting from Word, Mail merge will allow you to email via Outlook.  Although starting from Word, you can choose to output to email.  Easiest is to create a shortcut to OneDrive from the relevant folder in Teams (chain icon on folder), and then you can easily browse to the relevant files

@VasilMichev Appreciate this is an old thread, but as it's the top result in Google with two apparently incorrect replies, I feel I should add to it.


The functionality for creating a mail merge is in Mircosoft Word, not Outlook. Therefore, we can't "use Outlook" alone.


@Colin1655 Each time I try to use a spreadsheet stored in MS Teams as the source for a mail merge, I get the error "the document name or path is not valid". Searching elsewhere suggests that a Web URL cannot be used.

Is there a part of this process that will make it into a local file path, please? I have a shortcut in One Drive, but I seem only able to get HTTPS links.

I think you misunderstood the question