Groups Not visible in Microsoft Teams

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I created a few groups using "Microsoft 365 admin center", added users to the group. I am one of the owners of the group. While the group was created, the "Hide group from Organization GAL" Unchecked.


When in login into Teams (Windows Desktop App) to create a Team meeting and add this group it is not visible. It has been more than 3 days since the group was created.


Thanks in advance.

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Hello @ssms_team   This sounds similar to a past post in the community.  Please review the responses in this thread and let us know if you don't find a solution:


I'm also including a conversation from our site that may be relevant.


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Go to admin center and add yourself as a member to the group too! Wait for a while and it should show up


@ThereseSolimeno - Thanks for the pointers. I had gone through those links but could not get the behavior I had expected.

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@adam deltinger 

Thanks.  Simple but worked for me.


My learning from this - OWNER of a group  is not a member of the group. 

For certain features to work one has to be Member of the Group too.