Teams and asynchronous communication

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as many other companies we're struggling a bit with the mix of several communication tools. We think towards a 'colleagues should not use Outlook to communicate with each other, that's old fashioned, let's go to Teams' and we were trying to find our way around in it. Besides using them both caused issues because of the 'well I sent it to you but I can't find it anymore' situations because people didn't know which app they had used for it. 


Now here is the thing: Teams in it's current form does not seem to be very suitable for asynchronous communication. Some things just aren't urgent enough to distract a colleague. On the other hand many productivity gurus say 'just turn your email off and check it only a few times a day'. Obviously the same approach could be applied to Teams.. but that cuts of the use of Teams for communication that is urgent and needs to be synchronous. Almost by definition both types of urgency levels will be mixed so treating Teams as a whole of either one of those does not solve this issue. 


How does Microsoft think about this? Shouldn't we turn notifications by default off *but* combine it with a way to allow the sender to mark a message as 'urgent - cause a pop up anyway'? 



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I completely agree with this point. We currently use the twist app for internal communication for the exact reason that it has been set up for asynchronous communication.

We are office 365 users and would love to streamline towards Microsoft but can't square the above circle.