Hiding Teams Groups from GAL

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Some time ago it was recommended that orgs NOT hide Teams group email addresses (the default Microsoft 365 Group mailbox/email automatically created for each new Team) from the GAL for full functionality (such as discovery, communication between Teams, etc).


However - in our org, at this point, the Team email isn't used directly; rather we primarily use Chat and/or Posts within Channels.


We have just hidden Teams from the Exchange GAL by changing the **two highlighted** settings for the Teams group to TRUE:




I expect that - down the road as our use of Teams and all its functionality expands and matures - there may be instances where staff utilizes the Team email functions and we need to make the addresses visible again, but at this point their visibility only causes confusion as we have many similarly-named email DLs; users regularly email to the wrong address.


Can anyone tell me if there are any current/new recommendations about whether or not it's advised to hide Teams from the GAL?

If your org is hiding Teams from the GAL, have you experienced any loss of functionality that caused you to revert to having Teams *visible* in the GAL?

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