Inconsistent Teams and Outlook Group Functionality

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Can anyone explain exactly how a Team should sync with Outlook Groups?  When creating a new Team via the Microsoft Teams app, sometimes that Team will be visible to members in Outlook Groups and sometimes not. Sometimes it syncs after an hour or two, sometimes a Team will never show in groups.


If we create a Microsoft Team using Teams (not the Team admin center), should members of that Team be able to see it under Outlook Groups? This is very frustrating.


Thank you.

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Teams created via non-admin endpoints should get the HiddenFromExchangeClientsEnabled and HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled properties set to True, rendering them "invisible" in Outlook. Teams created via admin endpoints, or those for which a Group already exists, do not automatically get those properties set. Same applies for Teams created back in the day, before Microsoft introduced the HiddenFromExchangeClientsEnabled setting.

In any case, you can toggle said properties as you see fit after creation.