Create teams meetings between users in bulk

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We have meetings between teachers and parents, we have all the emails / times in an excel sheet but we want to bulk create these meetings for the correct times for the teachers is this possible?

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Hi @AB21805,

it is possible to do that using MS Graph API and Powershell.
First, you need to register an Azure AD App registration:

  • Create an App in Azure AD: Instead of directly using your O365/Azure credentials, you'll need to register a dedicated application within Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). This app will act as the authorized entity requesting access.
  • Use a Client Secret for Authentication: Instead of entering your personal password, you'll generate a secure client secret within the registered application. This secret will be used to authenticate your application with Azure AD.
    Quickstart: Register an app in the Microsoft identity platform - Microsoft identity platform | Micro...

Two methods are available after app registration and client secret creation:

  1. Using PowerShell Module:

  2. Using PowerShell Cmdlet:


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