The Chat Notification Badge That Won't Die

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I know there's another thread on this, but literally none of those solutions worked, so I'm a starting a new thread.


My chat notification won't go away. All of my chats are read. Here's everything I've done to fix this already (note- It's a corporate computer so I can't mess with the anti-virus):

  • Signed out of the app every (desktop, web, phone)
  • Restarted my computer
  • Cleared the cache data from all 13 different locations
  • Changed the setting to close the app when I shut down
  • Closed it in the Task Manager
  • Turned off all of my notifications 
  • Clicked on every chat I've received over the last week

The only thing that seemed to maybe be the culprit was a very large company meeting and I was the last to leave. There was a lot of chat in that meeting, though I didn't participate in any of it. The reason I think this was when I went to log into to Teams from my browser, as I started to type "Microsoft Teams" I noticed in the suggested sites that there was a chat message from that meeting. So obviously I've left the meeting. I've deleted that chat. I've even left the teams channel that hosts those meetings. 


For what it's worth, I don't have any notifications on the phone app (android). It's just on the desktop and the web. 


Please, for the love of god, help. It's slowly driving me insane and I don't have the mental capacity to deal with anything else that makes me insane during quarantine. :) *jk- I'm fine. It's a joke*

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Update: So I FINALLY cleared it. I don't know why, but I've always cleared all of my notifications and I didn't have this issue until recently, but out of sheer desperation, I decided to scroll through all my chats and found a "Who is" chat that was marked as unread from (April!!!). 


So I don't know why all of the sudden the chat from April suddenly because "unread", but I've never been happier to see a green checkmark at the bottom of my screen. 

@NMSAZ the notification badge was stuck for me as well.

The way I found out what was the unread message:

  • Go to Activity
  • Filter the unread notifications
  • Click each of the channel activities which are from the culprit channel

Strangely for me, only this thing worked, as it turned out that the unread message was a `@` mention and it was deleted. I even tried going to the top of the channel chat but you can "read" a deleted message :face_with_tears_of_joy:.

Thanks, had the same problem. It was so irritating to see the chat notification without any unread chat. I could not even find any unread chat in the activity filter. I had to actually scroll through every chat finally found the culprit. It was a team meeting that I did not attend around 2 months ago. Not sure why it suddenly got tagged as unread. I guess it's something that happened post the latest update.
Worked like a charm

@piyushkmr-ak    Thank you, your fix worked. It was driving me nuts!

@NMSAZ  I often have an alert that wont go away. I find that if I close the app on my computer and then log on to the site and open Teams there and check there are no 'alerts' and I can then go back to the application on my desktop and it will be cleared. 


Filtering on unread messages is just a bit tricky.  Here's a gif showing how...

Filter unread chat messages.gif

@RJKinsman , a simpler way to filter is to click on the search box and type "/unread"

@RJKinsman thank you SO much for this. I logged on this morning to find a phantom chat notification that was driving me insane, and I couldn't get rid of it. Or find where I could filter the unread messages. This worked - the notification was from a group chat I was accidentally added to, and promptly removed from, in September?! Strange. 

This is correct way to find and clear unread notifications. Thank you very much, your video explanation has saved me lots of headache!
Thank you, I had an unread message that had been deleted!



I tried to go through each filter and did the /unread trick in search and it returned nothing, but I still have the badge on the chat on my app. Any other thoughts? Its driving me nuts!!!

@lisaalbert0279 any luck? I have a brand-new Win 11 Home machine, and the icon has been active since I first signed in. I've gone through all filter suggestions above and tried to clear it with the web application. My total activity is one test chat.


Hi Ken, I had the exact same issue on my new Win 11 notebook. I fixed it by locating the local cache folder of the free MS Teams app and deleting all its contens. It can be located here:
First I stopped the Teams app via the hidden icons in the taskbar, then I deleted the contents of the local cache folder and restarted Teams. The ghostly notification did not reappear.

Dynamite, @Dr4hkc3, that did the trick. Ya gotta love the nuclear option.

Argh! Didn't work for me. Are there any other caches that might need to be deleted.
I have WIN 11, M365 for family, teams for home. I've completely uninstalled and reinstalled the app. The badge appears even after the initial setup when there are literally no chats in the list.

I've got the same configuration, @JavaPeg. All I can suggest is that you make sure you delete all subfolders in the . . .\LocalCache folder that @Dr4hkc3 pointed us to. In my case there are three: Local, Microsoft, and Roaming.

@Ken_Stewart  Yep, I'd done that and no idea why that wasn't enough.

I went scorched earth - totally uninstalled. Deleted the caches. Cleared files 3 ways (storage, Disk Cleanup w/system files, support assist for dell). Restarted. Fresh install.  That seemed to finally fix it!