Channel calendar. How to select some member

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I added Channel calendar in public channel named "General".

In this channel calendar, I want to create a meeting with 2 of 5 members.

The 3 members, not invited, received an email because in Required (Outlook) we see [M365TeamsSecurityGroupName].


How to set Channel Calendar to email only some members?


I'm a team Owner and Global admin on the tenant. PNP Script or manual operations its fine with me.



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The "Channel Calendar" app creates "Channel meetings" which are configured to automatically invite the ENTIRE team/group - whether or not they were added to the event.

This wasn't always the case as I used to be able to create channel meetings without inviting anyone. I wish they'd give us back some control over this.

Totally agree with Atrain204 comments here. Today the meetings scheduled in Teams channels work in the way you have just described...I don't recall they have worked in the way you want at some point