Can students see edits to assignments before I hit "Return"?

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My school is using Teams for the first time and a great concern of many of the teachers is that students might be able to view edits to documents before the teacher hits "Return". English essays take a long time to mark and as we are managing many other tasks at home during this weird time, essays could be partially marked and then the teacher comes back to it later. It would not be ideal for students to see this "work in progress". Can you please offer suggestions?




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@SJ_Harriz Hello I am not that familiar with Teams for education but if one could see (the student) your work in progress the whole idea of "turning in work" wouldn't make sense.


See if these links can assist you in any way:


'Review, return, and turn in assignments using the feedback loop'




Thank you @ChristianBergstrom. Yes, I have read both those articles and they do not provide the information that I am looking for. It is true that the feedback and points on the righthand side are not shown to the student until you hit "Return". 


However, my question is whether or not they can see the editing and notes that I have placed in the actual Word document. Now, I already suspect that they can, based on my students' comments but I am wondering if this setting can be changed or not....


@SJ_Harriz Hello, I am sure some of the 'edu experts' or any with Teams education experience will reply to the topic, so I'm just gonna leave it here so you get a proper answer.

@SJ_Harriz  They can! A student just confirmed!

@SaJaDu Did you find a workaround for this?  I see this as a major limitation for Teams as a education platform.  Students should not be able to see any feedback until 'return' is selected by teachers.





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@gyoung1553 Hi, I ended up dowloading the work onto my computer before correcting it, and sending the file back to students when I was ready for them to see it.


@SaJaDu I am writing this as of 05 August 2022 and I would assure you that students can see corrections on Teams even before you hit a return button. It is simply a total joke! It destroys the confidence for proper data protection and causes anxiety to students. I am not sure if Teams team were ready to prepare this app as a platform for education. I think it was meant for company meetings.