Is there a way to self record your screen using Microsoft Streams or Teams?

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Our office computers are PC so we don't have the handy free and easy to use features to record how-to videos on our screen or edit them in a free easy to use editing software.  Training and Development is looking for a tool for employees to use to de-centralize video tutorials of how to do their job within a framework and guide they are creating.  Is there a technology we can use or recommend within Office 365?  We used to be able to have employees create Skype for Business meetings with themselves and record them, they could then use the screen share option and create these quick easy self tutorial videos.  Looking for a new solution!

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Hi @stephanieserblowski

Teams and Stream can help you do most of this.

1.) Set up a meeting in Teams
2.) Join the team, share the screen and record
3.) The video is recorded into Stream
4.) Use the guide below to share with users/team

You can edit the length of the video's in Stream, and add Forms to them, but the editing features are not like a mature video editor like Camtasia. Stream is developing more editing capabilities and these are shown on the Microsoft 365 roadmap as coming out later this year

However, whether that is things like merging video, seperating layers, dubs etc remains to be seen.

However, Teams and Stream more than matches what you did previously in Skype for Business

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris
As much as I love Teams for recording since it's fairly simple, you do have free options that work amazing as well such as OBS (Open Broad Cast Software) . It's made for streaming but can easily be used to record as well and It's pretty straight forward to just setup a screen input, and you click Start recording and you can record your screen. I prefer this method because you get local files to use and edit, then you can upload to Stream for distribution but you do have multiple options here!

@Christopher Hoard thanks, I have created videos and channels in steams by creating a Teams meeting and recording it.  The trouble I run into is I can't seem to figure out how to record if the employee is not in a meeting with someone else, what if they are wanting to record a how-to tutorial sharing their screen alone?  They were able to do this in Skype for Business but can't figure it out with the new Teams set up.  It seems we can only record if a meeting is booked with someone else.


That's really exciting that it's on the roadmap to bring some video editing features into Microsoft steams, the types of features we are looking for are simple really easy to use ones.    Thanks so much for sharing!

@Chris Webb this looks really interesting!  I have a Mac at home so I wonder if this would do similar features that I have on my mac with the basic screen recording and imovie basic edit options.  Or perhaps a few more!  I'll check this out as perhaps something like this could be used across the company.  Thanks!

FYI on Mac. I think it still works.

To record a video on your Mac:
Open QuickTime.
Tap “File” at the top of the display.
Choose “New Screen recording”
Hit record.
You can record the whole screen, or click and drag your mouse cursor to record just a specific part.
Awesome, thanks so much! The work computers are PC so this is great!
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Here is step by step for OBS and or built in game bar (only works with active window thou)

@stephanieserblowskiI am surprised that no one else has mentioned this but we use the Recording feature of PowerPoint to produce many of our videos (previously known as Office Mix).

No, it is not a full-blown video editing tool but it provides the ability to mix screen recordings, audio, video etc. synchronized with PowerPoint content (you can highlight areas of your video with ppt's text-boxes, as an example).

Also from a maintenance point-of-view, you can split your recording over a number of slides so that when content has to be changed, you do not have to reshoot the whole sequence

The video can then be published directly to Stream.... all from within a tool that most of us are using already.


Don't know if Microsoft is moving away from this by adding recording/editing features to Stream though??

@Colin_83 thanks so much!  Your tip regarding maintenance is especially helpful as that's important with our training videos.  We are constantly changing and updating content!

 I second this.  Most of my coworkers do not have access to Camtasia or the Adobe suite so I recommend PowerPoint as it's familiar and gets the job done. @Colin_83 

@Colin_83 - Microsoft isn't moving away from anything, just adding more tools to your toolkit for screen recording. :smile:


For PowerPoint Recording and publishing to Stream, Mike Tholfsen's Twitter post at is a fast introduction. For a full how-to training, see this Microsoft course:  


Hoping this isn't counterproductive, we do this in Teams with a "dummy" student account that you log in to using an incognito/inprivate window in your browser so that you have someone to "present" to. Create a meeting, invite the "dummy" switch to clean browser window, login (as dummy) and join team, back to "you" present and record, then meeting is saved to Stream on completion. You may need to talk to your Admin staff to get an account you can use, we just provision it and deprovision it as necessary. Though I also recommend the PowerPoint (old Office Mix) solution.





@stephanieserblowski Hey there while trying to find a similar solution myself, I found that in the desktop application you can go to Calendar, if you select Meet Now you can join the meeting by yourself, invite others if you want, and record. After recording if finished/meeting ended, it will automatically upload it into MS Stream where you can trim, edit, add captions, share, and download videos.

I explored several options mentioned here, but I don't have the licensing for many of them so I will be using this option.

Wanted to give back to a helpful thread.


@ellenniles Thank you! I was looking for a workaround to the minimum participants to enable the "start recording" in a Teams Meeting. When I tried the "meet now" from a channel, it did not work, but when I tried the "Meet Now" launched from the Calendar within the Teams app, it did! ;)


I was looking to solve for same question posed by OP, trying to use MS Teams and Stream, for recording audio overlaid to screen capture recording of selected window/display, as we would do for short training/tutorial how-tos and quick tips videos.  The other solutions offered above did not work for me - except for the suggested third party route of OBS, which I will still look into :)

@stephanieserblowski You could just send yourself an invite via Team and start the session and record yourself, tried and tested. To record your screen the feature is within Powerpoint/ Insert/Screen recording. On the Mac this option is not available, you will need to use Quick Time screen recording. Just confirming the amount help.

You can just have a meeting by yourself and record. Do not schedule it, just go to Calendar app on the left then click "Meet Now" in the top right. You go right into a meeting where you can start recording / stop recording and it'll save to stream for download etc.

I haven't read all the answers, so problably I'm repeating some ;)

I gave already a lot of webinars on how making movies with just the tools you find in W10 and 365:

- use the camera-option to record yourself

- use the record function in powerpoint

- use Teams to record a meeting

- use the video-editor to edit your recorded movies


I am new to teams, so I apologize if my question seems trivial. In step 2, how do i "join the team"? I don't think I am on or have any teams. @Christopher Hoard 

@CarlitaLopezIt is probably your admin who will make the teams and add you to it.

Once your in a team, you can use all the possibilities mentioned above.


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