Is there a way to self record your screen using Microsoft Streams or Teams?

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Our office computers are PC so we don't have the handy free and easy to use features to record how-to videos on our screen or edit them in a free easy to use editing software.  Training and Development is looking for a tool for employees to use to de-centralize video tutorials of how to do their job within a framework and guide they are creating.  Is there a technology we can use or recommend within Office 365?  We used to be able to have employees create Skype for Business meetings with themselves and record them, they could then use the screen share option and create these quick easy self tutorial videos.  Looking for a new solution!

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@CarlitaLopez I believe step 2 noted above is referring to joining a Teams Meeting, which you join through the Meeting link (shared by the meeting organizer, commonly embedded in the calendar invite if it is a scheduled meeting).  Meetings in Teams can be recorded and the recording is uploaded to Stream.


Joining Teams sites is different from joining Teams Meetings, and how to access can vary depending on how Teams sites (or O365 groups) have been setup within your org. Public Teams sites are usually searchable, so users can go through the steps to find and join a Team; users can join a public Team without an owner granting them access.  Private Teams sites are restricted to specific group of users, so typically either an owner of the Teams site manages the access, adding/removing members and promoting members to owners, or a user can request access to the Team after finding it from search or with a link to the general channel of the Team site.

Thank you! I've been poking around a bit and I think I've got! I appreciate the feedback! @Cheria_Coram 

Thank you! I've been poking around a bit and I think I've got! I appreciate the feedback!

Hi @stephanieserblowski, yesterday it was announced that you can now record your screen by using Stream. I think this should be available very soon.

If you’re wondering how to record without anyone else in the meeting, simply go to your calendar in Teams and click Meet Now. Once the meeting has started, record the meeting. Once complete, end recording and it will be published to Stream.

I was wondering if during the recording of your screen, you can get rid of the small picture of  yourself in the bottom right, so it's not there throughout the tutorial? 

Also how can you seamlessly change screens you want to share for the tutorial, ex. Showing OneDrive, then switching to files on another screen.

Sorry If I'm being dense!

Thank you @ellenniles.   This is exactly what I hoping I could do so thanks for posting this! 

@ellenniles Thank you! This is the best option I have found since I cannot create a Chat with only myself. :) 

@stephanieserblowski - As @Erik Kleefeld mentioned, the Microsoft Stream Screen Record feature is also available. See for details.





I wasn't sure which calendar App (since I have Calendar Bot, Calendar Pro, Group Calendar...), I couldn't find the option "Meet Now", just "Meet'.... so I think I will just open a new team with not inviting anyone, where I can meet alone, record and later download...



For Teams:

  1. Create a “Teams” meeting in outlook with self.
  2. Join the meeting through the invite link. It will say waiting for others to join. Ignore this message.
  3. Share screen in meeting and start recording, just like any other meeting recording we do.
  4. Record your content. End the meeting once done.
  5. Your recording will show up in Teams chat history.  
I was searching for this answer for so long! Thank you for posting this inquire! Probably just saved my work time and money for researching for an alternative to screen recording for this purpose.
Thank you for providing this answer! I tested in my O365 Teams Desktop client (since O365 Teams Web Version did not work) and was very pleased when I saw the export in OneDrive. I am unsure where Stream is located, but I was able to find "Video Editor" on my Windows 10 machine and am able to make basic edits that I need to make.

Maybe I can use 3party software for that? I really need to show the screen records to my colleges. That would make the process of work so much easier.

Hi, pal. Yeah sure, you can, there are plenty of screen recording tools that you could use. Here is the list of the best ones I understand you very well because I use screen recording very often for the job as well. I work in hr and I have to explain a lot of stuff to new workers. Screen recorder makes this stuff much easier.))

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

@stephanieserblowski You would better try Stork . This service also provides screen recording and really good video and voice messenger. 

To self record myself I would

* I would go to Calendar (from top left)

* Click on "Meet Now" button (on top right)

* Set Meeting Name to something that I would like the title of my video to be. And press "Start Meeting"

* Join the meeting by pressing Join Now. With nobody else in the meeting room than me

* Hit the "Start recording" option

* Press "Share content" button (from top right) and choose my screen

* End the meeting when I am done

* Copy the meeting link to friends in my organization. If I want to share it outside my organization I will either download the video and upload it on youtube as unlisted video, or I will edit the share settings of video in sharepoint and set it to "Can by viewed by anyone who has link (no-sign in required)