Is anyone having issues to upload a video to Stream?

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Hey there!!


I've been trying for the last couple of hours to upload a video, usually it takes less than an hour (600 mb) but today, it's taking like forever, and I've changed the compression of the video to make it (200 mb) and not even 1% is being uploaded!!!!


Last week the processing issue and now this! I need help!!


@Lorena Huang Liu by any chance you have some info about this?? I'm feeling super frustrated with this :tired_face:

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@CharlieArellano I'm having issues too. A recorded meeting in Teams failed to upload to Streams and the upload button is missing from Streams. I can't find any way to upload a video at all. Maybe they temporarily disabled uploads due to high usage?

@Benzini It might be, it's super weird, I have uploaded the video to Yammer and it took over 1 hour :( 


I guess I'll wait until later today to see if anything happens :tired_face:

Thanks for your patience, we are looking into this @CharlieArellano 

@Benzini were you able to upload earlier?  The fact that you don't see the Upload button makes me think that it might have been turned off by an admin.  


As for folks hitting issues with upload, knowing some more details might be required, we are checking on our side.  


Are you all based in Europe?  Or is your Stream tenant based in Europe?  There have been a lot of bandwidth concerns in Europe over the past few days.  

@descapa_msft I attached a screen grab of an outage notice for Stream that was sent to me by our IT department. I believe we are on MS's US East servers. Our headquarters is in Minneapolis.


Our IT department said that they did not make any changes to our O365 tenant. Even if my upload access was restricted, the upload button should still be visible, according to the article at the link below. I attached a screen grab of what I'm seeing in Stream.

I was able to upload the video after 5 hours, this usually takes no more than 20 minutes because of my bandwidth. The weird thing is that this actually happened in Yammer too, apparently the video was uploaded but was not letting me go through.

Answering to your other question, I’m actually located in Mexico, but I’m pretty sure the server is in US East Coast, because of other issues I have had in the past...

What I’m worried is that I don’t know if the IT team is actually receiving these notifications about the issues the apps might be suffering, anyways, I upload a couple of videos every week, and I’m worried this could happen next week again :(

Hi @CharlieArellano, in general latencies have increased recently with very heavy usage that we are seeing across Microsoft due to COVID-19, and we are monitoring and making adjustments for the load accordingly.  However we did not have any widespread incident (except for Australia) on Friday Mar 20. 


If you are still experiencing this issue can you please file a support ticket?  Please reach out to the support team. Go to the video page in Stream where you see that message, click the "?" in the upper right corner, then scroll down to the support section. See the screenshot for an example.

@garrettbronner greatly appreciated for your answer, Garrett! Sadly, I'm having the same issue right now, and this is always happening on Fridays hahaha, sadly, I have now upgraded my internet connection to 100 Mbps per second and after 20 minutes my video is still in 0% uploaded hahaha, I just wanna cry now!!


Plus, I don't have those options available on my Stream page, I'll open a ticket to my company's IT Team, to see if they can help me out, that's the only thing I can do now, sadly :tired_face:


Thanks for all your help!

@garrettbronner Is there a way to file a support ticket with MS directly? Same as @CharlieArellano, my support page only gives me the option to submit a ticket to my IT department. They don't have any answers about my missing video upload button.

@Benzini You know what's the weirdest thing guys?? I've uploaded the very same video to Youtube, 600 MB, in 3 minutes....

Hi @CharlieArellano yes I apologize there have been some delays today due to this period of unprecedented usage.  We are working on mitigating this.  Thanks for your patience!

@garrettbronner thanks always for your responses Garrett, gotta tell you that at the end of the day I was able to upload the video, I've tested Stream today, since I need to upload another video today and everything seems to be working correctly...hope it remains the same for Friday hahahaha.


Have a great weekend y'all!!



Ok so did some further digging and eventually decided to raise a ticket with Microsoft - so the data center is currently doing a migration of Microsoft Stream data and should be back up either tomorrow (Friday 1st Nov) or Monday 4th Nov apparently. If anyone else is having a similar issue with Stream this could be why (if your data center is in the UK).



Ok so did some further digging and eventually decided to raise a ticket with Microsoft - so the data centre is currently doing a migration of Microsoft Stream data, and should be back up either tomorrow (Friday 1st Nov) or Monday 4th Nov apparently. If anyone else is having a similar issue with Stream this could be why (if your data centre is in the UK).

Hey @Lewis-H, I'm a little lost with the dates mentioned in your comment :S 


Is that correct??

@CharlieArellano I have a similar issue - replacing with a new video but it will not finish uploading. And there is no way to cancel this and re-do. Reported this as an issue and hoping get technical support from MS to resolve this ASAP.

@Yang_Huang Hey! This happened once to me as well, and I needed to open a ticket with my IT team to help me cancel the upload and let me upload it again, this should be peace of cake for the admins of your IT Team =) Hope it gets fixed pretty soon!!



My video's are uploading eventually but the full length of the video is not being uploaded. Any idea's how to fix this?