(Education Context) - Sharing of Stream Video restricted to the one video

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I'm in a P-12 school. Currently if we upload videos to Stream and share from there, whether it's "within the organisation" link or an external link, anyone watching the Video can then explore the rest of the organisations videos.


There a number of issues here, not the least of which are: 


1. It's not helpful for Kinder students having access to Year 12 criminology videos etc. 

2. It's not ideal to have external users having access to all the videos posted in the organisation (a Kinder parent watching a phonics video lesson shouldn't have access to the morning staff meeting video).


Is there a way to share a link to a Stream Video that links to JUST THAT VIDEO - and does not allow viewers to then explore associated channels and videos?

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@Jenny Malone  The answer to your question is: yes and no! There are some options you have.


In Stream you can place videos globally, in public visible groups and in private groups. When you get into the Stream web client, you can see all global videos and all videos of public groups (without being member of the public group!). To restrict the viewing of other content, you should only have private groups with videos, no global videos and no public groups with videos. Than you assign a user to a private group and the user can only watch with videos assigned to the private group. This is the "securest" approach. 


Saddly you don't have the possibility to share a video link and to assign permissions to the shared link like you can with OneDrive shares. You can download the video and put it in OneDrive or in a SharePoint site an share the link to it with permission restrictions, but this is not nice.

@Tomislav Karafilov thanks. I understand, but in the end, it's essential. It's disappointing that this is not possible, without restricting others so heavily. It's not safe to have students from 4 years of age having access to areas that include subjects of study (like criminology, and sex) that students of 18 years of age are also accessing. We will have to continue using Sharepoint. That's a shame.