PIN code is not asked when launching work profile/outlook

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we have the following setup :

we have Android mobile enrolled in Intune in BYOD mode.

we Install Intune portal then Outlook app is automatically deployed

> We need that fingerprint or PIN code is asked when launching Outlook app


we created a Device restriction policy :

In "Work profile password" we setup this config :




We also configured the "Password" fields (if i understand correctly its only for the device itself)




but nothing is asked after the setup of the portal/Outlook, after a reboot of the phone ... 


In iOS there is this settings in the App properties "require Biometrics to access app" which does not exist on Android App policy 



thansk for your help :)



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ok its fine with an App protection policy for Microsoft Core Apps

but i m still wondering what is the purpose of the "work profile password" section in "Device configuration policy" ... as it not doing anything

Hi @comgam ,


You need to create App protection policy for Outlook App on managed Android devices, and the required configurations will be as shown below:


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