Android Enterprise System update expected behavior

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What would be the expected behaviour when we set the System update to Automatic in the Android Enterprise Device restriction profile? 


We have several devices rebooting "randomly" and without notification and when we check the dumpstate logs, these reboots were triggered by an update: Canonical boot reason: reboot,enterprise,mainline_updbug. According to the Android documentation this could be correct: Enterprise OTA Updates  |  Android Open Source Project


Since we don't see the same behaviour on all devices, while they share the same Update policy, I'm not sure what to expect from this setting? 

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Hi @bjcls ,
If updates for the mainline APKs fail, then rollback happens, which eventually causes a sudden reboot. Follow the steps in this link to fix this:
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Hi @somesh_pathak,
The dumpstates from our devices are showing "enterprise" as a reason for the reboot and according to Samsung support these are OTA updates, but it doesn't explain why some devices will reboot and others don't.
Hi @bjcls, you have to capture the logs within 15 mins after a reboot.