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We are currently on Airwatch and iOS users use the Native Client, we are working on migrating to Intune (EMS+Security E5) and are getting some pushback about using the Outlook Client (Notifications, calendar, etc.).


What do we loose security wise if we stick with iOS native Client?  I think there is some possible AIP problems (once that is implemented), has anyone has experience with that?


Thank you



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Hi @Daniel Schmidt,

You can't implement app protection policies on the native IoS app. Good articles to read are:

It is also more difficult in terms of support, as you are using a non-microsoft app for mail.

By using native mail app and not using app protection policies, users can download the organisations mail and data out of the native app onto the device and then potentially upload it to third party apps, possibly to competitors.

In other words, it facilitates data leakage and insider threats.

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

Hello @Christopher Hoard 

Thank you for this answer. 

Is it a good idea to move from iOS Native Mail to Microsoft Outlook for iOS. I should find a table that compares the 2 products and what's the best for our users.

Hi @Sofianeda1st

I can't find a direct comparison table - but I hope that this article will suffice as to why Outlook for IoS is the best - and recommended by Microsoft for both functionality and security.

You would use the Outlook for IoS app in conjunction with Intune which would manage the app and apply app protection and configuration policies.

Best, Chris

Thank you @Christopher Hoard for the link. 

For the moment I'm gonna stay neutral, but I've to make a table to compare these 2 products & to say what's the best for our users (Should the user stay on Mail App iOS or move to Microsoft Outlook and Why? 


Hi @Sofianeda1st ,


Just reading this thread as we have several executives that want to continue to use the native email and calendar, rather tham migrating to Outlook for IOS.  Did you get that comparison table put together?  If so, would it be possible for you to share it?


Thanks!  Frank



@fcorker I don't have a table but if there is any HIPAA, PCI, PHI or IP data in the Executives emails then I would warn them that continue using native email will let anyone

1. Backup this data to iCloud

2. Take Screenshots

3. Share with other apps (Manually or via a Virus)

4. Save on phone


If somone leaves the company they can easily restore all data data via iCloud and steal customers, IP and more, if the phone gets stolen then there is risk of that data leaking to hackers.


@Daniel Schmidt Thank you, Excellent points, and pretty high risk.