Resolved: Known Issue – Unable to import/attach a file from OneDrive after updating to iOS/iPadOS 14

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Updated 10/21/20 - This is now resolved with the latest iOS and iPadOS 14.1 update.


We were recently alerted to a scenario whereby after an end user updated to iOS/iPadOS 14, they experienced the inability to import any file from an MDM-managed File Provider such as importing a file from OneDrive to another MDM-managed app, and the error: "Content Unavailable. The folder contents could not be displayed because of an unknown error. Try again" is presented. This issue can occur when the iOS/iPadOS 14 device is enrolled and managed in an MDM solution such as Intune, and has an MDM-managed File Provider app like OneDrive targeted as a "Required" or "Available" app.


Working with Apple, we discovered that this is a regression in iOS/iPadOS 14. Apple is working on a resolution and we’ll update this post when new information is available.


Here’s the steps we took to replicate this experience:

  1. Make OneDrive and Teams a “Required” or “Available” app targeting the user.

  2. Enroll an iOS or iPadOS 14 device with the targeted user account via the Intune Company Portal.

  3. Install OneDrive and Teams via the Company Portal.

  4. Launch OneDrive to login.

  5. Launch Teams to login and start a new chat.

  6. Tap on the paper clip button to add an attachment.

  7. Select "Browse" and if needed, enable OneDrive under "More Locations".

  8. Select "OneDrive".

Expected: Able to access OneDrive content.

Actual: Error above is shown.


Note: The scenario above was tested with the Microsoft Teams app and may not be the only way to reproduce this issue. Any app which integrates the File Provider extension can hit this issue, including the native Mail app, Outlook, OneNote, native Files app, and more. So specific repro steps may vary based on specific app.


In the interim, here is a potential workaround:

  1. Open the OneDrive app, select the "..." next to the file you want to attach/import a copy of, select "Open in Another App" to get a list of apps that the file can be copied to. Users may also share a link to the file in OneDrive via the "Share" option.

    Note: This workaround may differ based on the specific app. For example, Outlook can access the OneDrive backend directly, and thus attaching files from OneDrive is still possible without needing to switch to the OneDrive app.


Note: If you’re testing on the iOS/iPadOS 14 Beta, we've validated that this has been fixed with the iOS 14.2 Beta 2 update.

Again, we'll keep this post updated as we receive additional information.


Blog post updates:

10/3/20: With an update to the scenarios on when this issue can occur, and clarification that this issue has been fixed with the iOS 14.2 Beta 2 update.

10/21/20: With an update that we've received reports that this has been resolved with the latest release of iOS and iPadOS 14.1.

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Cela fait également la même chose avec une version ios précèdente (13.5.1)

On peut le voir directement dans l'application Fichiers de l'Ipad, les emplacements Onedrive apparaissent ainsi :



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Hello guys,


we expierenced the same issue, but found a temporary solution for our users. 

E.g. the OneDrive App - make it mandatory and managed by the mdm system - in the mdm configuration. 


Delete the App on the device. Open the "normal" AppStore and download the App there. 

The App ist then automatacily managed by the mdm system but now OneDrive magically appears in the Files App to be working.


I hope this is a little fix until you wait for iOS 14.2.


Best regards, Daniel Leeser (

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Looks like they fixed this in the just released (10/21) 14.1

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Yes, it is working after update to 14.1

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We tested on iPadOS and iOS (iPhone) and found that 14.1 seems to resolve the issue.


Assuming this is the fix in the release notes for 14.1 which corrected the issue:

  • Addresses an issue in the Files app that could cause some MDM-managed cloud service providers to incorrectly display content as unavailable

Hi @DamienSolodow, @Ramesh_T, @Jason Salgado, thank you all for the feedback!

As also confirmed with engineering, this has been fixed with the latest iOS and iPadOS 14.1 update. We've updated this post that this is resolved, but if you're continuing to experience an issue with importing/attaching a file from OneDrive to another MDM-managed app, please open a new support request via the MEM admin console or any of the steps mentioned here for further investigation.

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