Intune managed change tracking for enduser - BYOD

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Not sure if I'm at the right place , open for any referrals if necessary.

I have laptop that I also use to work for my employer. For that reason it is Intune (EndpointManager) managed and certain policies apply. I log on with a personal account and use the O365 service of my employer via the enrollment with the CompanyPortal app.


Sometimes when using the device personal, I notice that I get prompted with the message that these settings are managed by my employer. I understand that dual-usage might mix things up and it can't be a fully seperated eco-system.


Is there a way (eg tracking-log) to show which settings are applied from the company-mgmt, so that I am aware what info is being fed back to my employer, and what the changes on my laptop because of (changed) company policies ?



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I would recommend using a MDM Diagnostisc report to view what your employer is doing on your PC.

If you are tech savvy, I would recommend spinning up a VM where you do all your work and let your employer manage that if you are concerned into what your employer might see
is it also possible for new device that user can use the schoolaccount but that the device is not joined to our tenant.