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Hi All


Tearing my hair out with this one.


We a have IIS site that needs to run in Internet Explorer Mode.


From what I can see there are 2 settings that need to be deployed:


  • Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode (IE mode) = ALLOW
  • Internet Explorer mode pages - Add sites to the list

According to the following guide, there is a method to set this called Enterprise Mode Cloud Site list:


Configuring Edge IE Mode in Intune - Site List and Cloud Site List - Andrew Taylor (


Unfortunately, the above method does NOT work for me in the following ways:


  • Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode (IE mode) = Feature isn't turned on
  • Internet Explorer mode pages - Sites are NOT added to the list

Does anyone have a working method that address the above?


Info appreciated 

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Looks like this video explains how to set it up between M365 Admin panel and Intune: But still nothing appears in my Edge > Settings Any ideas? Anyone?
Hey Stuart,

I hope you are having a great Easter :)

Have you tried to take a look at this guide?
Thanks buddy

It's a great guide but it still doesn't work for our legacy web apps I'm afraid.

Hi Stuart,

Can you see that it's succeed in the Intune portal?
What if you enter this in Edge, can you see your configuration?

Hi Guys

Very confusing but here are my findings so far:

When I go to Edge > Settings > Default Browser > Internet Explorer compatibility and configure it to allow and then add the sites manually, it works. Obviously no good for mass deployment

When I deploy via Intune, setting IE integration mode on and setting up a cloud list in M365 with relevant device config profile, the sites don't work even though they do show in edge://policy and edge://compat as OK

Where I am going wrong?
Management are asking why a manual add works but the recommended super duper device management platform doesn't.


Hi Buddy


Looking at the guide, again:


How to configure Microsoft Edge IE Mode with a Cloud Sites List using Intune -



Can someone please explain Step 2:


I know from previous experience of setting Drive Maps, I needed the ADMX files added before it would work. Am I missing the Edge ADMX files in Intune? If so, how do I add these?




The following prerequisites apply to this feature.

  1. Customers must have an Azure AD tenant.
  2. Admins must have Microsoft Edge version 93 or greater installed and the latest version of the policy files.
  3. Admins need to be an Microsoft Edge Administrator or a Global Administrator on the tenant to access the Microsoft Edge site lists experience.



Hi Stuart,

I just looked in my tenant, and I don't have the Edge ADMX files imported.
I have all the settings available. Can you show which settings you have configured? The user or the device based?



Yes, of course, any help to get this working is greatly appreciated.


These are assigned to User and User groups at the moment.










Please let me know if you need anything else.



Can I see the policies from Intune?



Certainly, as below.

100% confirmed that if I don't deploy / unassign / delete this policy and add it manually in Edge  > Settings > Default Browser > Internet Explorer mode pages - the site works as expected.




Very confusing


I wouldn't waste any more time on it buddy.

Not sure why I didn't think of this before, maybe just the "fog of war" but I added another IE Mode test site and it worked with no issues.

Many thanks for your time though, I really appreciate it.

No worries!
I'm happy that it got solved, that's the most important.

Have a great day.
Thanks buddy

Just out of curiosity, is there any way to push out IE Mode sites into Edge > Settings > Default Browser > Turn IE Mode to Allow and add sites there as opposed to using a Cloud Site List?

Info, again, appreciated
Hi Stuart,

I'm sorry for the delayed response. Can you elaborate on your message?

If you are referring to adding the sites in the Internet Explorer compatibility section, I'm pretty sure you would have to re-add them every 30 days (I can be wrong).

It sounds strange that it isn't working with the cloud site list; doesn't it load in IE mode on the device?