Resolved - Known issue: Two Edge settings for Windows 10 do not work as expected in Intune
Published Oct 30 2018 11:43 AM 2,902 Views

First published on TechNet on Oct 15, 2018

12/10/18: Updated to indicate these issues are now fixed.
If you have Edge browser settings configured for Windows 10 profiles in the Intune console, note that there are a couple of bugs we’ve discovered.

The two settings listed below do not currently work as expected:

    1. Pop-ups: When this setting is set to ‘Block’, pop-ups are not actually blocked on devices that are targeted with this profile.

    1. Send intranet traffic to Internet Explorer: You would use this setting to send all intranet sites to Internet Explorer when you don’t want to test compatibility with Microsoft Edge. Currently the setting UI does not reflect the intended functionality. This will be fixed by changing setting options to “Allow” instead of “Block”.

We’re in the process of fixing these issues and you should see the change in a future release of Intune. After the fix is in, Now that the fixes have been deployed in the November update, if you have been using these settings, you should check them to make sure they're configured as desired. We’ll keep this post updated when bug fixes are released.

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