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So intune I have a google play store private app synced to intune. Installation works fine for that app.
Now I go to appstore and I upload a new version of the app (just updating exisiting app)
Upload in android backend works fine, but how to trigger an update to intune ? . As far I can read update happens every 8 hour, but is there a way manual to trigger an update ?

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You can read a comprehensive write-up about the update process relevant to Managed Google Playstore (MGP):


Your private app is uploaded to the MGP so it will follow the principles as described. Just read through it to get a complete grasp but the quick answer would be:


Android devices are made aware of new app updates via the device’s instance of the Managed Google Play store. Devices sync with Managed Google Play around once per day, and there is no way today for IT admins to “force” a sync. From there, the update enters an update queue.


If no other settings are configured, the default behavior for an Android device is to wait until prerequisite conditions are met. We call this default update mode:

  1. The device is charging.
  2. The device is connected to Wi-Fi (not using cellular data).
  3. The device is “idle.” Google defines this as “not actively used,” or when the device’s screen is off and/or in sleep mode. Google does not have official documentation on what constitutes “idle.”
  4. The app that has an update isn’t running in the foreground.

How long do updates take?

The entire process can take up to 48 hours, or more if the default update conditions are continually unmet. Note that the device will not explain to the user or the admin why an update failed, and the device will not report whether conditions are actively being met in order to begin the update process.




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