Using Power Apps to create a Flow for a Microsoft Form

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I am new to creating MS Forms for our Internal SharePoint site. I have the form created at and integrated into a SharePoint page. I would like to change the email address in which the forms responses are sent but can't figure out how to get to the Power Apps from within the form. Any helps is greatly appreaciated.


Thank you in advance.

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@zendiver0658 you don't use Power Apps to create a flow, you use Power Automate. A very simple example of a flow to send an email from a Forms response is shown below.




One thing you might want to consider for the future is to also save each each response as it comes in into a new item in a SharePoint list. This is something we always do at my company for audit & backup reasons. But have a go with a simple flow like the one above and take it from there.


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