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I have four forms that are set up under group forms. I am unable to open any of these. When I click on them, I receive the "sorry, something went wrong" message (please see attached). However, it does not show an error number and reloads before I can click on technical details. Any help here would be greatly appreciated, as I have valuable data on these I need. 


Thank you!

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@jglose - Are you trying to get to responses or edit the Group Forms from the Forms Pro Preview?


If yes looks like there is an issue, I would suggest providing feedback to fix the issue, in the meantime if you have the form id, you can use the below link to try accessing the form, replace the <formid> with your group form id<formid>

@Sai Gutta 


Thank you for the response. All the above here, I need to edit, view responses, and also submit a few forms responses myself. 


What type of feedback do you need to help fix the issue?

Mine is doing the same. Is it just a problem with the Forms service in general? I think the back end is failing. Forms seems to do this semi-regularly...

@mliit007 - Forms Pro Preview I would say, not Forms. For me the Group Forms are opening up fine in Forms, just not for the account that has subscribed to try Forms Pro Preview.

@Zhongzhong Li - Any update about the issue related to Group Forms not opening up when subscribed to Forms Pro Preview ?

@Sai Gutta Is there a way to remove forms pro (preview) and revert back to normal forms? Do you think this would solve the issue? I am still unable to open any of my group forms. 

@jglose - I do not recommend moving away from Forms Pro Preview because I am not sure what happens to forms that are created in Forms Pro preview, not sure if the data will be lost or so.


But the link below should take you to an article which explains how to opt-out of Forms Pro Preview


Do you have the Id for the Group Form ? with the id you should be able to get to the form to edit it and view responses.

@Sai Gutta The forms I am unable to access were created through forms originally and not forms pro. I'm not sure if that would make a difference. Also, how do I go about getting the ID number if I can't open the form?


Thank you for the assistance!

@jglose - I thought of a work around for now, why don't you create a dummy user, add the user to the group and assign the dummy account Form license. Since it is a form group, the dummy user should have access edit access to the Form and also get the share link that can be used to enter responses.


I agree I am not sure if there is a way to get the Form ID if the Form is not opening, unless the share link for the Form is stored somewhere.



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@Sai Gutta Thank you for the help. I was actually able to figure it out. I just opted out of the pro preview and my group forms are now accessible. I'm sure Microsoft is still working out some glitches with forms pro.