Form dissapeared

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Hello everyone,


I made a form with about 75 questions.

I copied the submit link to a powerapp which is still working fine, 

but i can't acces the  edit form anymore. I simply cant find it in my forms anymore. I checked the group forms, forms i made, and forms shared with me. It had a black background which was distinctive so i couldn't possibly overlook it.


This has been so for a few weeks now.

Does anyone know where and how i can get it back? Or make sure this doesn't happen again at least.





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Try getting to form edit page by using the link below, you can get the form id from the link in powerapp<your form id>


I never had the issue of form disappearing

@Sai Gutta 


So i did that, and it said the form Group could not be found. 

I believe i deleted that group a few weeks ago, thinking it would add the form to my personal forms. 

Is there anyway to recover the group, and with it, the form?


Thanks in advance,


And the session id, if it should help: 9950304d-00a8-4c94-9a30-76189fd3d4f6
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@p-vos111 - Session ID is not useful for me.


Try restoring the group, it should bring back the form data. Below Link should help you to perform group restoration

Thank you! That fixed it.

Thank you for your time. I wasn't expecting the group to be a O365 group.
Now i know.