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So I am trying to use forms for COVID notification submission.  I have requested that each one of my school buildings enter information regarding their staff of needing to take time for a COVID-related issue (quarantine, illness, childcare, etc).  I added two questions at the end of the survey for my use only.  The goal is to share this list with my payroll department so that they know who may be eligible for COVID reimbursement.  Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to go into each survey submitted to add responses so that that they appear on the generated excel spreadsheet.  Any ideas?

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@Hugh681 not with Forms on its own. What I do in these circumstances is to save the response to a list in SharePoint via flow in Power Automate (we always do this anyway). You would have one column in the list for each question and a column for each of the supplementary questions. You could either go into the list regularly or have the flow notify you by email of the new form submission. I would then add another single line of text column which is formatted with JSON to trigger an email  of the details of that item in the list (including your answers) to the payroll department.


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