Forms Responses Excel Workbook

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Great start. Is there any way you could host the "responses" Excel document on OneDrive I'd like to see responses synced automatically to my desktop.

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Would love this. Then I could share the Excel sheet with everyone that needs to see it and it would automatically be updated!
Alternatively, SharePoint as the storage for the "responses" would be nice.
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If you export the data to excel, it will still automatically sync the new responses. regarding storing in OneDrive, we are definitely considering and thinking more about this scenario.

It would be nice if the my Form also showed up in OneDrive.  This is more an organizational thing, but it is annoying having to get to different files through different routes verse being able to have them all in OneDrive.

It would also be helpful to be able to share the Excel sheet of responses with everyone that needs to see it and it would automatically be updated in Excel. This currently does not work when opened and viewed by someone other than the owner of the Form. Thanks!

I can't get forms to auto feed into excel. It looks like it has stopped doing that. is there an issue?



This is currently my biggest issue.  Finding an auto way to allow specific users to filter through results but also not having editability on the form or having to export the file on their own.